Cauliflower Is the Smoked Brisket of Vegetables

Get acquainted with the veggie kingdom’s delicious multi-tasker.

Endless, uninspired trays of crudités and dips have tarnished the reputation of cauliflower. The glamorous white florets add artistic interest, but after a couple of hours of sitting out, they tend to brown and are usually left uneaten. 

Cauliflower is a spectacular cruciferous vegetable with a history that has been traced to Asia Minor and the Mediterranean region. Dishes made with it have been an important part of Turkish and Italian cuisine since 600 B.C. Not too many vegetables carry such a pedigree. Cauliflower deserves respect and preparations that showcase not only its beauty, but also its mild, nutty flavor.

Low maintenance, the plant is a hardy choice for a winter garden. Once the huge leaves open, depending on which colors you’ve planted, your eyes are treated to bright orange, green, white, or purple heads. The various colors have not been genetically modified; they are natural mutants of the white variety. 

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