Discover Denton featured Queenie’s Steakhouse’s participation in University of North Texas’ Celebrity Chef Series event in their article Local Cuisine Big Draw for Tourism.

On Monday, April 23, nearly 200 guests gathered at the Gateway at UNT for a signature steak dinner prepared and served by UNT’s Hospitality Program students under the guidance of celebrity chef Tim Love and his Queenie’s Steakhouse team. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Hospitality Management program at UNT.

“While the dining experience was fabulous, the purpose behind the event was our biggest take-away. How many future Tim Loves and Suzanne Johnsons were among the sharp, eager young people who prepared that feast or served us with such professional finesse? They are studying at UNT, one of the top hospitality programs in the nation, while gaining experience in Denton restaurants under local culinary artists and restaurateurs. Like other artists creating from Denton, some of these will someday affect the world.”

– Kim Phillips, Discover Denton

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