Knoxville News-Sentinel featured Tim and the Knoxville location of Lonesome Dove in their roundup of “The Grub Scout’s Favorite 10 of 2016.” The piece spotlighted Lonesome Dove as the “Old City offshoot of noted chef Tim Love’s original Texas eateries,” specifically calling out drinks and dishes like rabbit-rattlesnake sausage, lobster hush puppies, and the Sullivan Smoker cocktail. The article noted that Lonesome Dove is “totally worth it” deeming it one of the writer’s favorite Knoxville restaurants of 2016.
Dallas A-List featured Lonesome Dove Western Bistro on their recent list of best steakhouses of 2016. Lonesome Dove was chosen as “a no brainer,” with “FANTASTIC food” and a chef who “knows how to do it right.”